Our Services
We look at the value chains of agricultural products from seed supply and production all the way to processing and export. We work with local industry stakeholders to analyze the overall market and develop a strategy for upgrading the commodities’ global value chain by providing a detailed road map for recommendations’ implementation.


We help entrepreneurs identify their talents and we support them to identify the skills and solutions needed to create products and services in their business environment.

Inspiring and guiding through the process

We support entrepreneurs in establishing a strong network that can help them overcome issues arising from their journey.

Entrepreneurship development training programs

We provide tailored training to stakeholders based on lessons learned from industry leaders, big or  small companies, 

Design and implementation of policies

We help government officers create an enabling environment to conduct business through efficient and effective policies

Economic and Demographic Analysis

We help our clients take a closer look at the demographic composition of their local workforce and its implications for economic growth.

Cluster Mapping and Industry Analysis

We assess the industries in local and regional areas and provide an analysis of how key industries contribute to the economy .