We look at the value chains of agricultural products from seed supply and production all the way to processing and export. We work with local industry stakeholders to analyze the overall market and develop a strategy for upgrading the commodities’ global value chain by providing a detailed road map for recommendations’ implementation.

Auditing a value chain infrastructure

Pinpointing a chain map (local and global)

Benchmarking channel practices of competitors and best practice leadership

Analyzing the stakeholders in the chain relationships dynamics

Supporting new and existing programs expansion

We work with communities to identify and set up entrepreneurship and technical training programs to provide opportunities and enable economic growth. We specialize in programs that empower youth and women using key economic drivers of the market. Our examples of Entrepreneurship development activities can be summarized in:


We help entrepreneurs identify their talents and we support them to identify the skills and solutions needed to create products and services in their business environment.

Inspiring and guiding through the process:

We support entrepreneurs in establishing a strong network in their economic ecosystem or by helping them develop a network that can help them overcome issues arising from their journey.

Inspiring and guiding through the process:

We support entrepreneurs in establishing a strong network in their economic ecosystem or by helping them develop a network that can help them overcome issues arising from their journey.

Entrepreneurship development training programs:

we provide tailored training to stakeholders based on lessons learned from industry leaders, big companies, small and big entrepreneurs and customers.

Design and implementation of policies:

we help government officers create an enabling environment to conduct business through efficient and effective policies.

We have experience managing global teams in various sectors, and designing strategies to meet our clients’ needs. Our proven and rigorous approach to program and project management is based on the principles of communication, accountability and risk management.

We work with organizations to create, implement, track, and evaluate new or existing programs to ensure that they are effectively carrying out their mission and vision. We have the experience in coordinating small and large projects/programs. From planning to implementation, we can step in at any stage of a program/ project and manage it through its successful completion.

Our work under this category involves among others:

Assessing communities for projects /programs design

Supporting end-to-end project delivery from initiation through planning and execution to closing

Providing project administration advisory and support

Octopus can help you build capacity in your organization. We provide training in monitoring and evaluation techniques, appraisal and risk management, and public-private partnerships.

At Octopus, we believe each local and regional economy faces unique obstacles to achieving inclusive, stable and sustainable economic growth. Governments and other stakeholders must make evidence-based policy decisions in order to attract capital investment, foster local entrepreneurship, and develop a skilled and productive workforce – all essential to a prosperous economy. Octopus Consulting and Insight empowers clients in the public sector, private and multinational organizations with the data and analysis necessary to design and implement strategies that transform communities by overcoming economic development challenges. We serve as partners to communities seeking to enhance their regional competitiveness, understand and improve labor market conditions, and diversify the industrial makeup of the local economy. Examples of our work in this area include the following:

Economic and Demographic Analysis:

We help our clients take a closer look at the demographic composition of their local workforce and its implications for local/ regional economic growth.

Cluster Mapping and Industry Analysis:

We assess the industries present in local and regional areas and provide an analysis of how key industries contribute to the economy as a network of intersecting clusters.

Surveys and Public Engagement:

We help our clients collect information directly from employers, the workforce, and members of the community – the agents of economic growth in local areas.

Strategic Planning:

We translate data into evidence-based strategies to help clients deliver workforce and economic development services that are relevant to in-demand industries.

We can help you figure out where you’re at and how to get ahead. Through rigorous fieldworks and cutting-edge methodologies, we uncover trends and evaluate effectiveness of programs/projects to improve our clients’ performance.

We are experienced researchers, combining field interviews and literature review to provide answers to our clients’ questions along with applicable recommendations.

At Octopus, we are aware that research and/or survey design can be a daunting task and that’s why our consultants are here to provide expertise and guidance throughout the process. We are skilled in a variety of research designs:

Experimental designs

Quasi-experimental designs

Descriptive or observational designs

Cross-sectional designs

Cohort or longitudinal designs

Case studies, focus groups, in-depth interviews…

Effective research design services also depend on accurate sampling plans, survey design or measurements, data collection, and planned statistical analyses. We are equipped to meet our clients’ needs in these areas to ensure that the research questions are accurately answered.

We conduct impact evaluations of global development programs to determine their impact and spillover effects. Depending on the evaluation’s goal and budget, our experts can design experimental or quasi-experimental evaluations using qualitative and quantitative research methods. Octopus also conducts large-scale surveys to assess development indicators or to make policy implementation recommendations.