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Consulting Services & Innovative Solutions

We provide consulting services and innovative solutions to local
and central governments, international businesses, and various organizations

Global expertise

Women & Youth Economic Empowerment

Our expertise includes financial studies, data collection and analysis, entrepreneurship and leadership training
women and youth economic empowerment, market analysis, global marketing, trade and Global Value Chain analysis.

Foreign markets

Corporate Clients in Africa

We represent our corporate clients in Africa and other countries to help them understand foreign markets.

Why Choose Us?

The best skilled and experienced consultants in the US, Africa, and around the globe.

Strategic Planning

We translate data into evidence-based strategies to help clients deliver workforce and economic development services.

Surveys and Public Engagement

We help our clients collect information directly from employers, the workforce, and the community.

Industry Analysis

We assess the industries in local & regional areas and provide an analysis of how they can contribute to the economy 

Demographic Analysis

We help our clients take a closer look at the demographic composition of their local workforce.

Recent Work

We conduct impact evaluations of global development programs to determine their impact and spillover effects.


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Clients Review​

We love our clients and like to show their testimonials.

Coleman Winner

Executive Director


On the performance-rating scale, I would give Octopus a 90/100 for its consulting ability..

John Carter

CEO Founder


Demonstrates superior consulting agilities with utmost concern and focus.

Smith Fred

Manage Partner


Your superior consultation has led me to this edge of success.

William Miller

Manage Partner


Nobody can beat Octopus in the knowledge of technical and functional.

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Octopus Insight

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